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About the company:

FLIGHTTIME ENTERPRISES INC has more than 16 years of experience in the supply of aircraft equipment.


FLIGHTTIME  ENTERPRISES INC. is a partner of more than 100 operators and customers worldwide.


Our primary activities and focus is the implementation of comprehensive programs to supply aircraft engines, APUs, landing gear, wheels and brakes, spare parts and organization of service maintenance and repairs of components and assemblies for aircraft operators. We also provide support and assistance with logistics and storage services.




The key benefits of FLIGHTTIME are:

• Worldwide support of civil aviation components

• over 16 years of experience

• 100 + highly qualified employees

• QMS in accordance with ASA-100 standard

• Customized solutions for customer needs

• Flexible approach

• Major OEM Contracts

Dedicated support and effective solutions for supply chain:


• High-quality engineering support




• Consolidation and consignment of orders




• Customs clearance




• Storage and delivery "door to door"

Flighttime Enterprises Inc. Quality Management System is certified in accordance with the ASA-100 standard (Aviation Suppliers Association) and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B. Flighttime Enterprises Inc. has distribution agreements with aircraft components manufacturers.


Our highly qualified staff attend to customers by finding individual solutions for their needs and always maintain high efficiency and quality of contract execution and implementation.


Flighttime Enterprises Inc. is the part of FLIGHTTIME group, actively maintains a presence in the global aviation market and successfully participates in major international industry exhibitions and air shows, demonstrating innovative solutions and opportunities to ensure reliability and safety of aircraft operations.


Passing the QMS audit without any notes has become a good tradition.

Flighttime Enterprises Inc is in the top three audited under the remote audit process in accordance with the FAA letter sent to the ASA.



Many thanks to our staff and our ASA auditor, an experienced aviation industry professional Roy Resto  https://www.aviationsuppliers.org/Resto_Bio

Поставка наземного оборудования и запчастей к нему. Аэродромное оборудование

Delivery of ground equipment and spare parts to support that equipment

Поставка АТИ для западных ВС Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier. Запчасти Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, aviaspares



the system that effectively operates within FLIGHTTIME, allows for tracking of any part in any Flighttime warehouse, and also analyzes and maintains warehouse stock


stock items of aviation technical equipment in our own warehouses:  FLIGHTTIME USA

Repair of BOEING, AIRBUS and Bombardier aircraft components, including at our own EASA PART-145 certified repair station



Offices and warehouses FLIGHTTIME:


  • Cincinnati, US
  • Miami, US

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Поставка авиационно-технического имущества вертолетов российского производства. Детали МИ-8/17, МИ-171/172, МИ-26, КА-32, КА-226, Аэродром


increase profits

Ремонт деталей и запчастей вертолетов российского производства. Поставки авиационно-технического имущества МИ-8/17, МИ-171, МИ-26, КА-32, КА-226


quality improvement

Поставка деталей и запчастей вертолетов российского производства. Детали МИ-8/17, МИ-171/172, МИ-26, КА-32, КА-226, Аэродромное обоборудование

business development:

synergy with the company

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Since its start, FLIGHTTIME has been consistently engaged in social work. FLIGHTTIME is a member of the corporate club of the Charity Foundation for Seriously Ill Children “Life Line” and provides financial and organizational assistance to Charity Fund projects.



FLIGHTTIME has always focused on improving efficiency and competitiveness by optimizing production and logistics processes, which in the end contributes to the development and growth of our customers.


We manage the quality of the company's services in accordance with the requirements of international standards.


Our commitment to transparent and responsible business management practices allows FLIGHTTIME to build a world-class company that is effective in any market environment.



We offer the possibility to our employees to maximize on their potential, allowing them to grow within a professional, corporate working environment. In turn, this allows them to further develop their skills to effectively address the challenges of our business through achieving personal goals and growth.


We connect the interests of the company and the interests of each employee to maximize development.



4884 Duff Dr., Suite A



West Chester, Ohio, 45246 USA



Contact person: Daniela Friery


Phone: +1 (513) 620-8154


Fax:+ 1 (775) 546-6117



E-mail: quote@flttime.com

1250 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd,


Suite 506 Hallandale Beach,


FL 33009


Phone: +1 (954) 589-1371



E-mail: quote@flttime.com

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ASA-100 certified company

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